Gait Analysis

* Announcement:  Dr. Allen, July 2007 - appointed as Co-Head of Biomechanics Advisory Board for Vibram, USA.  See webpresence at

Dr's Allen, Egan and Plaskett perform video gait analysis using Sportsmotion© stop motion video software.

Many motions occur too fast to be seen accurately with the human eye. Being able to break down motion into 1/60th of a second increments allows us (and you) to see these subtleties in your walking or running gait cycle, or bicycle pedal stroke.  These seeming minor aberrancies often have far reaching effects on your performance (meaning fractions of seconds to minutes or more)  and can contribute to repetitive strain injuries (the average person takes 3500 steps per mile!)

Allen Chiropractic Orthopedics, SC is one of the only facilities in Illinois to use Sportsmotion© stop motion video software for gait analysis.  In fact, Dr. Allen was instrumental in educationally bringing this software for gait analysis to several states including Illinois in 2006 during his physician gait and orthotic training sessions.  This , along with years of experience, allow him to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment, exercises and orthotics (if necessary) for your specific condition.

Why not call today and speak with our office about a video gait analysis to determine if you have any problem areas which need attention.