BROOKS     ADIDAS       ASICS          NB         NIKE         SAUCONY   

Beast 2              NONE                Evolution            1122            Cesium      Regulate    

Addiction 8       Calibrate            Foundation VI     856, 815      Stasis          Stabil MC 6       



BROOKS       ADIDAS                ASICS         NB     NIKE         SAUCONY         


Trance 7              AdiStar Control             Kayano 14        1223     Kantara II          Hurricane 10  

Adrenaline 8       Supernova Control10    2130                  768     Structure 11      Omni 7

Axiom 3              Supernova Classic        DS Trainer 13    902     Zoom Elite 4      Trigon Guide Swerve   

Vapor 7               SC 2                               1130                  718      Althea/Persus   Grid T5



BROOKS           ADIDAS                ASICS           NB         NIKE          SAUCONY   

Defyance                  Adi Star Cushion 6        Nimbus  10         2001          Tailwind            Triumph 5

Glycerin                    ClimaCool Rev.             Landreth             1023           Shox Dendara   Trigon 2    

Dyad 4                      NONE                            NONE                   880            NONE                NONE   

Radius 7                   Supernova Cushion 7    Cumulus               754           Pegasus  08        Shadow 9

Burn 3                       Adios Lifestrike              Gel Speedstar      833           Skylon                 Azura     


Bring a prescription from ALLEN CHIROPRACTIC ORTHOPEDICS and recieve a Discount at local shoe stores !

There are many shoes available that have potentially serious biomechanical flaws.  You may own one or many of these shoes. We are happy to discuss our sound reasoning regarding these shoes and their impact on your condition during a consultation with you once we can assess your foot type (of which there are over half a dozen different types). We discuss many of these issues regarding these shoes when we do specialty talks for running clubs, the many shoe stores and companies that we consult for, and when Dr. Allen lectures to physicians and therapist around the country on foot wear and how the wrong choice can easily be a source of some of your problems and pain. Shoes need to be specifically chosen for your foot type, activity type, and walking and/or running style and muscle weaknesses that can play a big part of your clinical presentation and adopted running style. The wrong shoe choice can in itself be a cause of pain or problems or lead to abnormal mechanics that in time could cause physical problems.

If you frequently wear any of these shoes, they may be contributing to your clinical condition:

  • Nike Free (reverse spline and curve last design)
  • Vibram 5 Fingers ( (requires satisfactory instrinsic foot muscle strength)
  • MBT - Masai Barefoot shoes (rigid shank, extended and aggressive crash zone, magnified rocker design)
  • Newton Shoes (forefoot actuator lugs can make certain forefoot types vulnerable such as Forefoot Varus)
  • Strapless Birkenstocks
  • Flip Flops and backless sandals
  • any shoes with an accentuated heel:forefoot height ratio

For Rigid Painful MPJ:

Vasque XR Breeze Cross Trainer, Dansko Clog, Merrel Q Form, Easy Spirit "On the Go"

 Email us or schedule an appointment if you have questions or concerns or would just like to learn more!



Dr. Allen's newest project: 

will offer the internet a central hub for many answers to these and other walking and running related issues and problems.