How long will it take for my symptoms to go away?

Foot orthoses unfortunately do not work like eyeglasses. You often do not get “instant resolution”. Some people respond amazingly quickly, although this is the minority. Most people are more complex for whatever reason and they may take up to six months to begin to respond favorably. The majority of people feel a 40-60% minimum average improvement in their symptoms within 8 weeks, (this is not the same as being cured). As time continues it is possible to feel like progress has stopped or that the pain is coming back. As you wear the orthoses you begin to absorb the prescription so you may start to feel the residual inflammation and tension temporarily. If your orthoses are comfortable and you are able to wear them most of the time they are working. The healing of biomechanical inflammation takes time. It can take 1-2 years for an orthoses to generate its maximum effective range of healing. As your foot flexibility increases, the optimal position of alignment will change (due to reduction in tension and inflammation). Then regardless of your symptoms you need to get another prescription in order to keep your feet and body working to their best efficiency. If your orthoses work correctly you can expect 2-3 changes in your lifetime. Most of these changes should occur in the first to the second year. The next change should be very gradual over the next 4-6 years. After that changes may or may not occur. If they do it will take a long time.